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My moms poem that I wrote for her-2005

My Mom's Poem

Mom's School Pictur e, she was a music teacher. Mom1_small

The end of my beloved mothers life, This is me in the summer of 2000. I was 22. This is my mom's nurse Ann, who said she would be there for me and then abandoned me. Mom had an inoperapable brain tumor and waited to die here in this Memphis nusing home for over a year.

THIS is my mothers grave at memorial park funeral home and cemetary in Memphis, TN. When, I visit, I am the only one to put flowers on it. No one else visits. It hurts me so bad, that in the end, everyone abandoned her.


The last leaf has fallen, Changing Life into death

You were taken from me, as nature gasped its's last breath

Autumn descended from the heavens

As skeleton fingers on naked trees hungered

for their former spring vest

The Last Leaf Has Fallen

and so it goes, I must let you go

I love you mom---September 1, 2001

This is the only poem i have ever written about her death, I love my mama. Rest in Peace. I wear the cross you gave me all the time. I have the ceramic angels I gave you at home. One of them, remember is playing the harp, which is what I know you are doing now in heaven. I always think about how my life would have been so different if you had just lived. We could have started our relationship over again. No matter how much time goes by I will always feel like a scared orphan. I know you would not want me to destroy myself, but I will NEVER SEE you again in this life,, and that is just too much to take.

God, I miss you

Your one and only child,

Annemieke Jeanette Patterson
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