Situational depression about my birthday.

My first self Piercing.. And b-day-jul 21, 05

July_21 2005_0721piercing30002_2  

SHit don't anyone care about my b-day, well to that i say, FUCK YOU ALL.  I'm about to write my porn story up in here!  Yeah theres a needle through my lip... Like anyone gives a shit about that either.. THis is my first self-piercing.. I was bored.. My boyfriend was at the computer ignoring me, and I had been watching TV for hours while he played on the computer (Hmm i just thought i might get more attention) It bein a special day and all but whatever.. So the Twelve gauge hole that had had been healed for about a month, I just stuck this sewing needle In it. and it went right through,, like a knife through hot butter,, Only bleed a tiny bit,, and I just put a raggidy ol ring there cause i didn't have anything else. 

Well, then Paul dropped everything, and about made poop in his underwear, he started to pay attention to me after i self pierced.. NO  ice, no anything...   I do amaze some with my high tolerance of pain for facial piecings, but I reckon thats all i'm good for.. Next we went to BME, the Body mod site, where I have a membership to look at the really nasty stuff.. I told him what I did was nothin... But i couldn't remember my password, but we saw the top page,, Never heard of some of that,, there was a guy with half his nail cut off and blood everywhere.. I think this is called "nailing" hah hah hah...  So, they do some nasty shit, in the EXTENE AREA of BME. So i guess i'm just another loser.

Well, at least tomorrow, i FINALLY get to see the new ROB ZOMBIE MOVIE! YEAH!!! That will make my pre-birthday night somewhat happy. I have been looking forward to it FOREVER.. I think it might be the sequel to HOUSE OF 1000 CORPES, because i saw a lot of the same characters in the preview.. I saw Captian Spalding and Baby... So, i don't know,, Probably have a paniac attack, instead of LOVE IT!! Shit i got my ZOMBIE shirt ready to go! I got Two of his CD'S 

But i am feeling REAL unstable and when i first got here in OCtober of 2003 we went to see The remake of The Texas Chainsaw Massacre.. I LOVE HORROR MOVIES, thats about all i can fucking stand.. But i freaked at this one for some reason..  I got out of the theater, and I had no idea where i was, I SWEAR, Paul had to pull over because I was losing it, I really could see coffins coming after me, and my dead mother and corpes, and i was screaming and it was horrible. I guess a hallucenation...  Whatever..

Last, night we went to the grocery store in pauls rent a car, this was pretty fun.. It is a Kia, that is made up to look like my rich ass friends Alisons mercedes... Pretty cheap... But its a cool car.. It has a sun roof, and I rode with my head stuck out of it for a long ways, then I flashed some people with my head stuck out of it, for a long ways!  Then we went in safeway, and we both were in heaven over the idea of all these fancy birthday cakes, and being able to eat whatever we wanted over the next few days.. This safeway, is one of those fancy ass california grocery stores, so they have every cake imaginable.. we spent like a couple of hours, just admiring what we could eat,, NO SHIT,,,  I said life is so much better when you can eat whatever you want to... So my cake is probably coming from there. Then i got tired and started to feel like shit again, so i got quiet and boring..

Until I re-pierced my lip... I know noone reads this or gives a shit... SO IN THAT CASE I CAN PUT UP MY PORNO STORY!! COOL!!
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