YIKES!!!! Ribs Were sticking out!
My boyfriends emotional crud and why my best friend ellen abandoned me

My 7th tattoo, sept 05

The 145 dollar Olive!!

  I purchased my 7th tattoo yesterday! Here it is, pretty much right after it was done, and i took the bandage off. You can see the blood and the ink sorta mixed together.. But the photo isn't too good. My newest piece of expenisve artwork is on my left arm muscle. I wanted something else, but we went to a tattoo shop called "mom''s on Height and Masonic. We had actually never been up that way before. Its a real trendy, sorta skanky part of San Francisco It has all kinds of off beat clothing stores, plus a lot of homeless kids, plus a lot of tattoo places. kinda like Berkley. My tattoo artist was named "Joe vegas"  He had two gold teeth (damn) white guy who had been tattooing for 20 years! So, I guess thats why my new "olive" was 145 bucks! When the same size tattoo on my back that I got in Memphis was only 90. 

This tattoo is not supposted to be an olive. I just looked at the red part and it sorta resembled one! God, i hope thats not true. Its supposted to be a flaming half moon with a red sun in the middle. This was a luxury that i could not afford! I mean REALLY could not afford, so i don't even know how i am going to pay for it!

Anyway, i just got back from the pain doctor and i about had one wreck, i am so tired i am a danger on the road, because i have been missing morphine for three days. I am starting to develop withdrawal symptoms, exhastion, the sniffles, a slight headache,,, Well, i have some coming at seven which i risked my neck for!

Anyway, thats my new tattoo

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