Best poem about turning 30! feb, 6 06
New Nose Ring and I am sooo Tired.. 2006

Chronic pain drug use-2006

I CAN'T FUCKING SLEEP!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Well, what I was going to do with my livejournal entries is start a countdown of how many days it is until I turn 30,, Well, hell I can do that now.. I am moving towards the calendar (its one of Norman Vincent Peale's Inspirational Bible Verse Deals) I bought it at Walgreens.

Well, i counted 163 days (i could be off a day or so)

Okay, TIME IS 4 in the morning.. My pill list for today is INCREDIBLY LARGE and probably why I am still up. I got my Vicoden back yesterday from my pain doctor after being on Morphine for a while. I told her it would "only be for a month" Truth be told, however I LOVE vicoden.. I am told it is also SOLD ON THE STREETS.

So, I am back to VICODEN ES--extra strength.. If the bottle wasn't in the safe.. i could tell you how much Hydrocodone and Acetaminophine is in the amount I took today.

Here is the correct dosage for me:

The usual adult dosage (for the 650 mg/7.5 mg tablet) is one tablet every four to six hours as needed for pain. The total 24 hour dose should not exceed 5 tablets.

Today, I took 5 pills. in way less than 24 hours. OVERDOSE. Well, if you would like to read more about OD ing on vicoden visit this page!!

My list of pills today also includes two muscle relaxers which I forgot the name of. Then of course my regular cymbalta, clonopin, and 200, YES KIDS THATS 200 MG! of Seroquel. OH yeah and i smoked too.

Lets see today i am reading a book called "PREP" by Curtis Sittenfeld. Its about a 14-year old who goes to a rich bording school.. UNderneath should be the link.


So, duringg the rest of today, I noticed that I WAS OUT OF MONEY and that the check I just sent in to the credit card company (Late I might add) IS GOING TO GO BOUNCEY BOUNCEY JUST LIKE A RUBBER BALL. So, this will make two checks i have bounced in the last oh, i guess a year.

Earlier tonight there was an ambulance and a fire truck right down on the corner. (We don't know if anyone died) We aren't in on the neighborhod gossip.

Even earlier than that, we took one of our usual walks to the convience store. Paul brought the dog (like always) and I wobbled along after them. I love both little stores that we go too. Most days its the clerk in the store whos the only other person besides paul that i see in a day.

Today, I went to buy a bag of Fruit smoothie skittles (i just love those) ANyway the clerk was a black lady that I had met only once before. (NOW, BLACKS ARE A RARITY HERE IN MAYBERRY SO I THOUGHT IT WAS HELLA COOL THAT WORKS THERE)

Our first visit didn't go so well, but this one went GREAT!! She had just had her braided and beaded and put in some brand new extensions (OH GIRL, it was bumpin)
We talked on and on about hair. She said she lives right down on Chestnut. LIke right down the street from us.. She said she could braid my hair NO PROBLEM! of course i would need extensions... And she took it upon herself to enlighten paul and me to a new world--she said that extensions came in every color of the rainbow (Even the pinkish red that I have now) WOW!

I have ALWAYS ALWAYS wanted my hair braided, so if me and her could hook up it would be great.

Plus, i talk to her and she is staight up out the hood. She got her hair braided in Oakland at a salon. I LOVE IT! its like she can since i am from the hood.. She hasn't given white bread paul the time of day, both times we went in.

Well, this sounds like the boring day of a HEAVY DRUG USER and person who will turn 30 in 163 days.. I am sure it can get much much worse..
actually, i laughed so much from the 5 vicoden, my stomach hurts.. That shit is great. YOU LAUGH AND LAUGH like a complete idiot. Forgetting everything else if only for a while.

Ah, peace be with you, money......