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New Nose Ring and I am sooo Tired.. 2006

New Nose Ring and I am sooo Tired..


Well, I got POKED down at Zebra's again last night. Here is their site if anyone wants to look
I have an aftercare sheet of theirs which is sorta cool.
It says on the back:

"Your body is a temple. Do you want your temple to have plain,boring walls or do you want to make them really beautiful."
this quote is from some guy called Rev. Mad Jack.

OKay, there are also rules on the back which every piercer is to follow.. This fool who Poked my nose was the worst I have EVER had in my seven year history of doing this. The manager of Zebra regonized Paul and I because Around August I came in for an ENTIRE facial piercing makeover which cost Paul somewhat around 300 dollars, i think. So, i would really like to call the manager and complain about this guy.

It was bad (the piercing experience in itself); however I went into a sort of shock last night after the piercing and physical therapy. I went and smoked one cigarrette and all of a sudden the room was spinnng, I could not move, I started to hyperventalte and i had to lay down on the floor.

TWO KEY RULES on the back of the brochure that this guy did not do were to

: Hell, nevermind he didn't do any of the damn rules. He didn't wash the area first with antibacterial soap, nor did he put ointment on the piercing after it was done.

ALso, just out of common fucking courtesy EVERY OTHER PIERCER I HAVE HAD IN SEVEN YEARS tells you when to anticipate the needle and to take a deep breath while the needle goes in and then to breath out.

This guy just was irritated that I even asked about the position of the ring, he gave me no warning, just POKED me, and i think that helped my body go into sorta "shock" last night

I don't know the creep's name but just for the safety of others he needs a big reality check on how to do his job.. DAMN!!!!

So, besides that my V-day is just going great.. The dog shat in the house first of all, it stinks!

Second, i haven't gotten Paul anything and its 3 in the afternoon.

Third, I AM SOOOO DAMN TIRED I AM STARTING TO CRY. I only slept a few hours last night and i can't get back to sleep. Its too damn hot, and I am too damn hyper inside. God, i feel terrible.

Quite the change from the hotel and flowers and romantic bath and diamond necklace from last year's valentines day.

ALso, I regret like hell trying to contact my friend (whatever) the hell she was, Debi Kilb. Paul found her e-mail because she is a Ph.d now and has published a lot of papers online. I thought, "oh maybe she would have matured in 6 0r 7 years. We parted ways back when i was 23 and she was something like 35. But it is obvious she is still the betrayer she always was. I am really really hurt.

BUt, whatever I cannot even use all my fingers and toes to name all the people who have hurt me, BUT DAMN DEBI is right up there with number one. She abandoned me when I was in the hospital and so was my mom. She doesn't give a rats ass that my mom died or that i graduated college and education is her only purpose in life. I thought it was a good e-mail. Not too reavealing, not pushy, just telling her where i had been in a vague sense in the past 6 years.

Well, i will really think twice next time before i try to contact an old "friend" Sometimes, years still do not mature people.

Okay well, whatever i feel terrible
bye bye

UPDATE: VALENTINES IS OVER! I GOT WHAT I WANTED. THE MOVIE SAW 2 and a LOVELY knife from the new hobby shop down the street, but no romance. not the way i feel. I am crawling out of my skin and i took 12 mg of clonopin to try and help but it didn't.
I did make it to Walgreens to buy Paul a card and some other REAL corny stuff,
but mostly things have just been VERY BAD.
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