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September 2006

2006 black and whites of me as a bald mermaid... any comments?

 comments on the photography?


Anyways, Here are three results from the shoot on Sunday September 16. These nude shoots are certainly not glamourous. I least i worked with a women this time. She was working out of an old wearhouse in San Jose. The place was creepy! It was only a two hour shoot, AND I DIDN"T GET PAID! I just wanted to do the photographer a favor, you know young kid just starting out. yeah a 28 year old young kid.anyway, during my non-paying two hours i was nude the entire time.

i had to HOLD In my stomach for two hours. Then, i got seashells glued to me head?? and some makeup that made me look like a mermaid?? she also gave me a phonebook and told me to stand there naked and just rip out the pages. I still can't get that shell glue off of my bald head. I sorta had a good time (considering it was fo   THIS IS CALLED MERMAID NUMBER ONE charity) the photographers charity! 

  2006_1025soma0001       .
1565_small , 2006_1025soma0005_small


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