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October 2006

Right now, How I feel as I come down from Triple C cough syrup robitussion

Right now I am slowly coming down from my high, its 2 am and some loser keeps messening me. It is really hard to type. I have one eye open and one shut thats how i have to work when i am stoned. i feel a little like i am going to barf. i took one bottle of the good stuff and two tablespoons of the stuff that doesn't work so well. This high was really long. I love how it makes me want to touch paul. we just layed together and the tiniest touch just felt so good. i kept thinking i love you i love you, but im out of my mind. my face is starting to feel numb and is tiggley. like when your foot is asleep. my hands are very cold. the side of my face is asleep. Touch just feels so good on R. i felt like i was melting into paul, i know it sounds so 70's and acid trip like. but its true. we were watching amc's monster fest the movie was gothika. i really really want to eat my lucky charms. sucky georgie and jay jay are in the room with me. two of them are on the computer table. i am still in another world. it takes a long time to come down. i feel like i want to cry, i don't know why. my entire face is asleep i really really wanna come down, because it sucks when you are alone.. I have sorta learned the cough syrup ways these past weeks.  Only drink one bottle of R cough and cold. it has to be cough and cold. do not get a bottle with an ingredient that starts with a G. it will make you barf.  for sure. do not get a bottle with tylenol in it. It takes a while for the high to take effect thats why its kinda dangerous. you think, i am not high in two hours..but the high will hit you and it will last for 8 hours or more.i thought this drug is the answer. i don't know it is expensive. i still can't feel my face.. and i am still floating on a cloud.. i gotta go pee. this was a bad high. too much!! my legs feel like jelly when i walk. i am coming down slowly. if you are not a loser like me, candy is only for losers. it takes so much out of the body that we have to sleep all day the next morning. i wake up around 4 pm after taking R at 9 pm the previous day. i don't think i can pull off a continious high.

I found the only 30th b/d photos i have.

So, My 30th has come and gone. I have been 30 for about three months now. As you will see, we baked our own cake. It was really good.. seriously. We made a double decker strawberry cake,with icing in the middle. And, the best part was that the cake tasted "exactly" how my mom used to make it. (Yeah we started with Betty Crocker) but came up with our own creation.
I got some Heely's shoes. The ones with the wheels in the back, that was the coolest present. Theres a photo of me trying to skate on them. Actually, i've used them a lot these three months. They are fun to glide around in the grocery store with.

(so heres the cake)

(I'm blowing out the candles) duh! we only put three candles because we figured any more and the house would catch on fire... Ha ha.

(Heres just Paul and me and the cake) wow!

And here i am tryin not to crack my head open with my heelys shoes!

OKay, now back to reality, its october 5th, sydney is sick again, i have a headache, someone called me fat the other day, lots of bills.... stuff I'll mention in the next entry! besides being 30, just been the same ol shit, no different from 29. or 28 or 27 for that matter.