Moms 65th birthday!
See, Anna get poked at the corner of Height and Ashbury!

About lost the cat.. the one in the picture duh..

Well today was up early cause I had really been sleeping  the past few days.  I went to Walgreens at 9 am to get my morphine and some Cough Syurp (which did not produce any effect)   well. i was vacumming and shit and it had been raining all day long.  I had to take stuff in and out of the house with the door open..

So,  around 7 pm realized i couldnt find all the cats.   Madeline was gone.  I thought. i wanted to chop my head off. so i basically just got in from looking for her for about 2 hours in the rainy fog.   Saying all these prayers to mom and dad and Aunt Pat and grandparents and Jesues (well anyone who would listen to please help me find her and if I can't please cover her and keep her warm.

I really almost lost my faith.. over a cat. scary.   I thought if my mom can let a cat  (that I was dumbass enough to leave the door open)   die or okay it was raining and there are drains.. i'll just leave it at that.     then maybe mom wasn't in heaven. 

So, got in the house and threw my hands up,   i am feeling really weak so I ate  some cerael... and guess who appears... ITS MADELINE!  standing there as if nothing had happened.   Oh lord.. I was so happy,, i wanted to throw her across the room...

U know when someone is lost and you find them  and after the initial  shock and  tears U realize  oh my  god   how could u do that!!!

so thats how I feel... man... now i gotta clean her poop