Its beginning to look a lot like crap..
The original patterson family-MY fathers side.

extreme extreme physical pain..

Come and visit my erotic diary at Photoconfessions VULVO flare up or UTI?

it seems i have forgotten that i have an incurable (um problem)  WEll, if the Physical pain from hell that my vaginal area is feeling (feels like acid melting the skin or into the skin.. burns like sulfer when i pee)      

is like still a huge problem.. oh yeah, so thats what the morphine is for. Well, this... Without i, would be doubled over in a fetal position until the pain got a little less??

If its a UTI, then i am a total idiot for letting it go this long.. i just don't know which one it is.  THe sleep would indicate UTI, but im still hungry (more like a PIGGY) eating cookies and frosting. so that isn't a UTI symptom. however my pee stinks so that is one.

But vulvo flare up? man.. it has been a while.. i mean.. yeah. (my buddy upstairs) thanks for the reminder, i forgot that i have been going to amillion doctors  and then my physical therapist  (stephanie) says  I can't do anything else for you.

Oh right and Dr. Weiss.. have i ever mentioned  a nerve block on here..  well if not.. its a shot, with a massive needle.. as dr weiss said when i was having nerve blocks.... maybe to make me feel better  (we have had to get nurses in here to hold even men down because the shot is so painful..... but you don't even flinch or cry... Nope. not me.. the first nerve block... paul almost went in his pants when he saw the needle.. i don't care. if its a vulvo flareup. i need a nerve block.. this is fucking nightmare.. 

i wanna put more, cause this sucks.. but. whatever..  it willl all be better in 07........ Someone go hang ANY optomist.

THESE ARE CUTE!!!!!!!!!!!
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