About lost the cat.. the one in the picture duh..
Its beginning to look a lot like crap..

See, Anna get poked at the corner of Height and Ashbury!

Anna and her possibly ex boyfriend were leaving grace cathedral after a lovely christmas concert in San Francisco. Anna wanted the ring iin the middle of her lip changed to the side, so they did. It was Dec 15, 2006, it must mark my at least 50th piercing... ya know..

FUCK...CONCERT and "Babba"

So as usual its 5 am and i can't sleep.. duh.. wow, i just had to go and do it didnt I. Yep, seeing Hollen's page on myspace was beyond infuriating, so I thought how bought look for good ol Neely... And wow, I found her.... http://www.myspace.com/neelinator Oh god, that is such a catchy name.. (rolls eyes) so, i sent her a little note just to say hi.. honestly, it wasn't mean. But, i swear it does hurt. At least she is still single (god i wonder if she is still a virgin) or was she. don't remember.. she's 31! (YO! chris, if i ever hear from U again.. U two could work) Her mom is still alive, looks like she still doesn't work (she never has in her life) cause she diabetes.. Lets see i guess we were friends oh man maybe 3 or 4 years... The skank came to my mom's funeral. sat there in the pew just crying, while i basically glared at her. (cute crocodile tears)

Man, it has been a time for hurt feelings these past few weeks, yeah, i still burn the way they treated me on the depression board, i don't like to admit it but i do. And the nice little sara and paul discovery.. (that almost ended us AGAIN) I guess, maybe its okay, that I am going to some therapist on Jan 4th.. (pretty sure it won't work) A few (new) myspace peps who also let me down on friendship (Lovely Princess Emily) whatever. Anyway a new lady named Tina. asked if Paul had "sexual issues with young girls" she pointed out that i looked around 15. I said.. don't know... if i hadn't come into the picture.. maybe sara would be living here and not me.

Okay.. I am hurt.. really hurt. i used to celebrate holidays at neelys while mom was dying. one of the last pictures I have of me and her is on christmas. I had some surgical tape wrapped around my two fingers, because i had honestly tryed to break them.

Well, guess i'll just write what i meant to write. WE went to Grace Cathedrals Men and Boys Christmas Concert again this year on the 15th. It was mostly the same.. except all of the music was american in origin (which was cool) they sang "Lo how a rose er blooming" my moms favorite christmas song. (ouch) I just didn't care much this year, the church was lovely as usual, but i felt no closeness to God, I felt only let down.


so, Last but not Least!!! My MOVIE.. god, it took me one hell of a time to get this stupid boring movie to work, there is only one cool part and thats when I say "Ouch" well i don't say it but i should have..
Anyway, after this concert we went down to Height/Ashbury cause i wanted to switch where my lip piercing was, we found a new place I guess called Braindrops.. i think.. Anyway, so this is the movie of that.
Lord, let me tell you, no matter how hurt I have been these last few weeks (and tonight) with neely's profile, i guess it was a miracle we got out at all here on the 15th..
Cause, it has finally snowed up in the mountains... and during the SEVERE fight we had over sara's little material he put me down by saying,

" Well, you are so damn sick that when we get there and put all our gear on by then you just are to tired and i

would like to go skiing once where i don't have to stop after we go down two hills"

It was something to that effect.. okay try for the movie.. Yeah.