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My love for firestarter 1984, jan 5, 07

Come and visit my erotic diary at Photoconfessions     Well, Firestarter 1984 is my fav. movie. I found this on YOUTUBE  (DUH)!!!!!   Someone from another country dubbed over the tangerine dream soundtrack with music from (AH NO, pirates from the carribean)    I loved this, LOVED it, was gonna marry it.. until i heard where the songs were from.
Anyway, for anyone who has no fucking clue what i mean when i say this is my favorite movie.. well??
Oh.. check these out. Firestarter IS and WAS a steven King book, someone on the net wrote these retarded lines down as favorites. they arent mine, just lines.  naw.. the point isn't that drew was a little pyro. i don't know, its me. its what i wanna do in heaven. if we get to do whatever we want.. YEAH..