My love for firestarter 1984, jan 5, 07


For the Lonely and Depressed.  FROM

This prayer comes from,

I suppose, it was rather a coincidence that I got this particular prayer in my e-mail today. See, i tried the cough syurp pills last night, now even though i feel no high. to be honest I am much better on this drug than when i am not.  Paul, sees the drug as just a pain in the ass. While the DEX is still in my system, I feel just human. Human enough to fuck around with him. (what i mean is tickiling) annoying shit he hates. annoying shit that anyone would probably hate. When i am not then I can show what i feel like, look like, am. 
Uh, i actully found thi s art looking for myspace stuff. so come could be there too... sorry!     So,  I think this art work is not so new if you use it for how you feel when you are depressed. this is obviously, hopelessness, lonliness, despair, and only one tiny piece of light, through the window.            Looking around, you are I may have nice things, but when someone feels this way, they cannot see them, all they see is nothing. At least thats how i am. So if the only cocksucker that likes me is to dumb to know that i would rather have DEX than this, then maybe fuck him... HE SUGGESTED I GO HOME several times tonight.   


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This one to me, is man, i can't think when i have stayed up all night.. opinions?

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