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"on the inside" The real life story of my fourth mental hospitalization. the truth about ECT

Anna's Semi-Cool List of Halloween Movies-opinions???

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, myspace is starting to suck balls. I cant really express my opinions there, plus only one chick from high school is even listening  to briarcrest high school--that i found out he was "in love" with our groups resident dyke--he didnt know she was gay--but she made my life hell.. hiding it.. and saying, I WAS GAY.. which im not..  The point is, he didnt like that, and took me off his friends list or whatever..  So, looks like im back here.. to be able to write what i truely feel....

Also, To whomever wrote me about hating someone named Neely Keltner.. I cant thank U enough. Im gonna write a response to U.. i hope u read it.. U made my day.. I just want u to know that..

Okay, now to my lame list of movies--Im going for (Scary) here not (gross)   So, even though Saw is one of my favorite movies, i have to leave it out. Also, I am grouping basically all of the Freddy, Jason and Hellraiser movies together. If i had to pick one series that was SCARY.. I would go with Hellraiser. Iwould love some OPINIONS on Anyone else's fav movies!

My Picks

1) House of 1000 corpses
2) Texas Chainsaw Remake of 2003--It gave me a dilusional paniac attack!
3) The Omen
4)  The Exorcist
5)  Rosemary's Baby
6)  The Shining
7)The Sixth Sense
8)Halloween--The original
9) Carrie-Steven King
10) Blair Witch-One

Well, what do U folks think?? HAPPY HALLOWEEN!!!!!!!!
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