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August 2008

OH my god! lane Bryant dude, Un-COOL! I gained the weight from all my psychatrict meds

Nope, i dont know any of these wonderfully large women, i got there photo from photobucket but I imagaine that they have to order their clothes from layne bryant, just like i just ordered a fucking pair of pants from there. While, i havent reached HIPPO size yet, Lanyne bryant for anyone who doesnt know is a store for PLUS SIZE women.  I cant get out and shop and the size 14's that i ordered from target just WERENT BIG ENOUGH, so i thought well i just buy my some size 16! shorts from the layne bryant website... and boy did it do a blow to my non-esxistant self esteem.. I mean man!  I feel like i wanna just keep sleeping on the couch and never moving like ive been doing and make sure i smoke a lot so i wont eat anymore.....

. I aint ranting.. im just sayin.. Ladies if youve been skinny and suddenly circumstances cause you to gain... IT HURTS DOESNT IT!!!! SO thats what im sayin!