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February 2014

2014 Hole in One's

Congratulations to Linda Rothchild for her hole-in-one at Desert Falls Country Club in Palm Desert.  On the third hole, using her 8 iron, she hit a 105 yard shot that hit the green 10 feet from the pin and bounced right into the hole.  Her husband playing just ahead saw it all.  She is now tied w/3 hole-in-ones with her husband!

1st 2014 FWGA Clinic

As the 2014 Clinic chair for FWGA, it is my pleasure to announce that FW’s first clinic of the year will be a Club Fitting hosted by Kepler’s Golf in Walnut Creek. On March 6th and 7th. Kepler’s is offering our members free club fittings – a $50 value -- as well as 10% off any repairs and selected purchases.

If you would like to take advantage of this wonderful opportunity, please choose a time slot and date from those shown below and email me at Clinics ASAP because the fittings will be scheduled on a first come first served basis.

See you at the General Meeting on March 8th at Boundary Oaks.

Mimi JJm

March 6​     12 p.m.    ​​2 slots ​​

                    1 p.m.    ​​2 slots ​​

                    2 p.m.    ​​2 slots ​​

                    3 p.m.    ​​2 slots ​​

                    4 p.m.    ​​2 slots ​​

                    5 p.m.    ​​1 slot

March 7​     12 p.m.    ​​2 slots ​​

                    2 p.m.    ​​2 slots ​​

                    4 p.m.    ​​2 slots​​

NCGA 2014 Tournament ENTRY Time Line Calendar

Entry due                 Tourney name/type
March 7                    Spring Mixed Team Championship non-club
April 11                     Senior Net non-club
May 2                       Assoc Club 4 Ball Net
(April 2 FWGA)
May 23                     Assoc Club Championship
(April 23 FWGA)
June 27                    Parent /Child non-club
June 27                    Women’s Net Amateur non-club
July 18                     Assoc Club Senior 4 Ball Net
(June 18 FWGA)
Aug 8                       Assoc Club Net Amateur
(July 8 FWGA)
Oct 3                        NorCal Women’s 4 Ball non-club
Oct 3                        Mixed Team Championship non-club


Just sign up and pay your fees, but be SURE to SHOW UP or you can’t play in NCGA Tourneys for one year!  These tourneys are for players with GHIN index up to 40.4.  If your index is BELOW 9.4, contact Kelly Tague at for info on additional tournament opportunities.

Spring Mixed Team Championship (one male & one female)
Entry due: March 7
Championship: March 28 & 29 @ Carmel Valley Ranch
Entry fee: $280 per team

Senior Net Championship
Entry due: April 11
Qualifying: May 8
Championship: June 2 & 3 @ Del Monte
Qualifying entry fee: $67 Championship entry fee: $130

Parent/Child Championship
Entry due: June 27
Championship: July 19 & 20 @ Poppy Ridge
Entry fee: $260 per team

Women’s Net Amateur
Entry due: June 27
Championship: July 21 & 22 @ Del Monte
Entry fee: $140

Mixed Team Championship (one male & one female)
Entry due: Oct 3
Championship: Oct 31 & Nov 1 @ Poppy Hills
Entry fee: $280 per team

NorCal Women’s 4 Ball (2 person better ball/two days)
Entry due: Oct 3
Championship: Oct 16 & 17 @ Quail Lodge
Entry fee $400 per team: includes cart, range balls , luncheon Oct 1


Requires qualifying at club level. Must be available on all dates for each tourney entered.  Please note index stipulations.

Associate Club 4 Ball Net (2 person better ball net)

            FWGA sign up due  April 2

            NCGA Entry due: May 2

            Qualifying:  May 29

            Championship: June 23 & 24 @ Spyglass & Del Monte

            Qualifying: $134 per team     Championship: additional $380 per team

            18.4 index or lower, 18.5 plus can play but will use an 18.4 index

Associate Club Championship  (4 person team/two best balls)
            FWGA sign up due: April 23
            NCGA Entry due:  May 23
            Local Qualifying:  June 19 OR June 26/ fee $268
           Sectional Qualifying: July 23 or July 24 /additional $268 fee @ Poppy Ridge

           Championship:Aug 25 & 26 /no more fees if you advance @ Spyglass & Poppy Hills

          18.4 index or lower, 18.5 plus can play but will use an 18.4 index

Senior 4 ball Net (2 person net better ball)  Age 55+ by Sept 17, 2012

            FWGA sign up due: June 18

            NCGA Entry due: July 18

            Sectional Qualifying: Aug 20

            Championship:  Sept 22 & 23 @ Poppy Ridge

            Qualifying:  $134 per team   Championship:  additional $260per team

            18.4 index or lower, 18.5 plus can play but will use an 18.4 index

Associate Club Net Amateur

            FWGA sign up due:  July 8

            NCGA Entry due: Aug 8

            Sectional Qualifying: Aug 28

            Championship: Sept 29 & 30 @ Poppy Ridge

            Qualifying: $67 per player    Championship:  $130 per player

            All indexes allowed.  100% of index used. Qualifiers NOT flighted




The First Tee of Oakland, FWGA’s sponsored charity is seeking Volunteer Coaches and Mentors for its 2014 Spring Program Schedule.  Their mission is to positively impact the lives of young people in the Oakland Metropolitan area by providing educational programs that build character, instill life-enhancing values, and promote healthy choices through the game of golf. 

The Spring Session start March 10th through May 10 with Volunteer Orientation Training on February 22.  Volunteer Coaches assist the lead coaches in delivering Golf Skills and the First Tee Life Skills Experience through fun and engaging golf games.  PS: You don’t have to be an experienced golfer just someone who wants to make a difference!

For more information, contact Chris Moreno-Hunt, Program Manager at 510 352-2002 or via email at

Tournament Early Bird Rates

FWGA is bringing back Early Bird Rates for 6 tournaments in 2014!  When you sign up and pay 8 weeks before the tournament, you are eligible for the lower rate.  Don’t miss this fabulous opportunity!
                                                                                                                   Deadline date
Tournament date         Club                    Original pricing        Early Bird Rate   for eligibility
April 26                      Saddlecreek Golf       $95.30                      $80.30                      March 1
April 27                      Greenhorn Golf          $85.40                      $70.40                      March 2
June 18                     Bodega Harbour         $80.70                      $65.70                      May 23
Sept 13                     San Juan Oaks           $90.00                      $75                           July 19
Sept 14                     Nicklaus Club              $115.00                    $100                         July 20
Sept 15                     Poppy Hills                  $90.10                      $75.10                     July 21
Your tournament director –
Liz Riddle