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April 2014

2014 Saddle Creek Tournament

33 brave souls ignored the ominous weather reports and participated in our first away tournament  of the year at Saddle Creek.  For those of us who drove up Friday afternoon and evening, we did get to experience very heavy rain and an incredible lightning show.  But the weather passed through and we were dry for the tournament, even getting down to short sleeves by the afternoon.

We played a "Reverse Cha-Cha-Cha" to avoid needing 3 scores to get over the water on number 9. Our first place team of Liz Riddle, Sandy Gonzalez, Candy Sheldon and Ruta Rudisill scored a fantastic 115.Second place with a score of 123 went to Tina Higashi, Kathy Lee, Laura Sato and Elizabeth Morten. Third place at 124 went to Alice Schultz and Tim and Merideth Wieland.

We had two closest to the pin holes and #4 went to Deb Ortega at fifteen feet and #11 was won by Sarah Good at 11feet, 2 inches. Sandy Gonzalez won low net with a spectacular 65 and Laura Sato was runner up at 66. Pat Tuohy, Kelly Tague and Candy Sheldon were rewarded with a sleeve of balls for their chip-ins.

The birdie race is on with 2 birdies for Laura Sato and one each for Jan Moura, Tina Higashi, Liz Riddle, Terri Malatesta and Sarah Goode.

Our thanks go to Merideth Wieland for registration and Alice Schultz for the pictures. A very special thanks go to Liz Riddle, Sandy Gonzalez and Della Gutierrez who hosted the Saturday awards party and provided the fantastic food and drink.

Thanks to Dee Tuohy and Kay Middleton for a awsome day!

Don't forget to view all of this events pictures on our Facebook page!

Greenhorn Creek 2014

On Sunday April 27th, Greenhorn Creek was the site for the 2nd day of FWGA’s 2-day away tournament.  Despite the prediction of rain, we actually had a very lovely day. The course conditions were great and we had a good turnout – 29 members and guests played.

It was a tough course, but a few players managed to score well.  Here is a list of the winners:

1st Place:  Sarah Good, Kristina Ramos & Sandy Gonzalez

There was a tie for 2nd place which required a card-off to determine 2nd & 3rd Place:

2nd Place:  Joan McCarthy, Sally Panella, Alice Schultz & Catherine Weber

3rd Place:  Tina Higashi, Kathy Lee, Elizabeth Morten & Laura Sato

Low Net:  Della Guiterrez

Closest to the Pin:  Pat Touhy

As with all tournaments, we couldn’t do without our volunteers.  Our scorekeepers for the day were Liz Riddle and Sandy Gonzalez.  Our photographer was Alice Schultz.  Thanks to each of them for making this tournament such a great event.



The first FWGA tournament of 2014 was well attended.  We had 28 ladies with 7 teams in 2 flights.  Although everyone was a little confused by the scoring, I think we ended up having a great time and enjoyed by all.

The winners of Flight A were:

  • 1st place : Dee Tuohy, Terri Martell, Terri Malatesta and Julie Campiotti (137 team score)   PICT0003





  • PICT00042nd place: Kristina Ramos, Charlene Hastings, Alleen Hodgkin and Della Gutierrez (141 team score)






The winners of Flight B were:

  • 1st place:  Wendy Ngo, Theresa Johnson, Linda Dobb, Debbie Hellman (127 team score) PICT0008







  • 2nd place:  Betty McCabe, Joan McCarthy, Sall Panella, Lorraine Thereax (135 team score) PICT0005








Low Gross:  Charlene Hastings with an 86 and Low Net was Chris Jensen with a 70 – she won in a card off against Wendy Ngo and Judith Coleman who both scored a Net 70.

We had Chip ins from Charlene Hastings and Joan McCarthy and 3 people scoring natural “birdies”:  Chris Jensen (1), Charlene Hastings (3) and Alleen Hodgkin(1).

A big thanks to Dee and Terri Martell for scoring and Betty and Joan for manning the registration desk.  Also a grand big thanks to Liz Riddle for making the darling cookie bouquet which was given away in a drawing to Therese Johnson and for standing on the 18th hole to take team pictures as they players finished – in the wind!

Terri Malatesta & Julie Campiotti, thanks for a great day!

See you all at the next tournament  . . .




2014 Annual Meeting Review

The first meeting of our 2014 season was a big success.  Boundary Oaks in Walnut Creek provided us with a great breakfast which came after a shopping frenzy where members managed to get great GG Blues golf attire for the spring. Thanks to Kathy and Suzanne.  We had fun shopping!
Boardintro2Della Guterrez, Board President, kicked off a meeting about her vision for the upcoming year. The new board was introduced and each made a short presentation about their roles and responsibilities.
April Kenyon gave us an overview of the great work that First Tee of Oakland is doing with introducing golf and values to under served youth.  Remember this is our charity and provides us with an opportunity to share and volunteer our time.
Our guest speaker for the morning was one of our members, April Kenyon.  She gave an excellent presentation on "The Mental Game".  Most of the time it is not our golf abilities that let us down but our negative thinking.  She asked how many of us take out an old ball to hit over water just in case we hit it in.  Well, just that one negative thought usually makes it come true.  So next time, think positive and remember no water balls - you won't need them!!!
April's presentation prepared over 40 members to play a great game of golf following the meeting.  It was a beautiful day for golfing and reconnecting with members.  We all look forward to golfing with friends and our upcoming tournaments.

Announcing Emerging Golfers Group (EGG) 2014 Play Dates

The Emerging Golf Group is kicking of the 2014 casual play season.   Golf dates are now posted on the FWGA website.
Wende Weckbacher, EGG Coordinator, is looking for hostesses for the play dates. It is easy and a great way to meet other EGG's.  If you are interested and new to being a hostess, please contact her and she walk you through the responsibilities.  
In addition, some tentative weekday play dates have been included on the calendar, so if there is anyone that is interested in hosting the Wednesday weekday play, please contact Wende at Emerging Golfers Group. 
Upcomimg EGG clinics are being planned.  Dave DeLong at Boundary Oaks has offered to conduct some clinics for us for 4-8 people minimum. Mimi Johnson-Jacobs, Clinic Coordinator, will be working with Wende in setting up more clinics for the EGG's in the future, so stay tuned!!!

Sign up for Clinic Reminder

It is time to sign up for the next clinic!

April 12, 11 am, San Ramon Golf Club, San Ramon

Part II, will be taught by Dave Tuttle of San Ramon Golf Club.  It will  focus on “Twelve Feet to the Pin,”  -- a distance that forces you to decide what club to use depending on terrain and/or obstacles near the putting surface.

To reserve your spot, contact Mimi Johnson-Jacobs at Clinics