2015 San Ramon Tournament
2015 The First Tee of the East Bay Women's 9 Hole Golf Fundraiser

2015 trek convention...

Since the 2013 star trek convention in Burbank, I have met Patrick stewart,

Dominic keating and Conner Trinneer from ENTERPRISE! my favorite show.

Of course seeing scott was the highlight of my life from the 2014 las vegas convention...

I have a post about it.. my day with scott bakula.. august 2nd 2014, I also saw Shatner with crutches, he had fallen off his horse... rolls eyes..

I hate classic trek. shatner is a tool. This year well with my sobriety going bye bye.. all I would do if I was there was become a worse alchy...

Im goin to comic cons to see scott from now on..