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June 2016

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2016 FWGA San Geronimo Tournament

What a great day we had at San Geronimo on the 11th.  The weather was as beautiful as the course, but there were a few of us that wish we could have said that about our game!  It was fun course but there are a number of challenging holes that were definitely target golf.

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The format was “Three Blind Mice”. Everyone played their own game and  th e team score was added up.  After the round, we asked the pro of the course to pick three holes they disliked the most.  We discarded those holes and them added up the team scores.  


 In 1st place was Liz Riddle, Cheryl Ramirez, Kelly Tague and Della Gutierrez.










Second place went to Ruta Rudisill, Carol Papke, and Therese Johnson. 









Closest to the pin on #7 was Mindy Canner at 17’ 8”, but no one could make it on the green on hole #13.  It was a tough par 3 and we will remember not pick hole #13 next time!












On the birdie board with one, each was Mindy Canner, Therese Johnson, and Della Gutierrez.  Low net was Therese Johnson with a 71 and Gross was Liz Riddle with a 94.

Everyone had a great time and we want to especially thank Della for setting up a fun tournament.

Join us for our next tournament at the majestic Tilden Park on 6/26/16.  See you there.

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The first 9-Hole FWGA tournament of the year was held on Saturday, June 4 at Redwood Canyon Golf Course in Castro Valley. The course was in great condition and the 21 golfers were lucky to have a beautiful, albeit rather humid day to play their round of golf.

The format of play was Cha-Cha-Cha, and while some of the participants were new to tournament golf, everyone seemed to enjoy the game. The format consisted of the lowest net score of each team on the first hole, the two lowest net scores on the second hole, and the three lowest scores on the third hole. This was repeated for the final 6 holes. All threesomes for the day were blindly assigned a fourth team member, but only the Tournament Director, Judith Coleman-Cohen, and our Board Director of Tournaments, Alleen Hodgkin knew the Blind Draws. All Blind Draws were factored into the team net scoring at the end of the round.

The First Place Team was Caryl Diller, Louise Kennedy and Alice Hansen, with a team score of 68 (factored with their Blind Draw player, Liz Riddle).

The Second Place Team was Cindy Barni, Anne Cain, and Carolyn Gellner, with a team score of 72 (factored with a Blind Draw player, Jill Martin-Smith).

The Third Place Team was Judith Coleman-Cohen, Jill Martin-Smith, Kathi Kling, and Shirley Walker, with a team score of 73.

Liz Riddle won all three closest to the pin contests, on holes #3, #5 and #7. Liz also got the Lowest Gross Score, a 45. Next year Liz will be required to compete Left Handed! (Kidding!!)

Lowest Net Score, 34, was achieved by Sally Andrew, a guest of Janis Salvi.

FWGA 20th Anniversary Raffle winners were Susan Gallinger, who won 2 tickets to the US Women’s Open, and Janis Salvi , who won a water bottle.

Judith would like to personally thank the following people for helping make this tournament a huge success: A thanks goes out to Alleen Hodgkin for providing the scoring sheets and figuring out the course handicaps… a huge time saver for my math-challenged brain. Big thanks go to Cindy Barni, Anne Cain and Shirley Walker who arrived earlier than necessary to set up the registration table and run registration.  Other big thanks go to Jill Martin-Smith and Kathi Kling, who helped with totaling the scores and factoring in the Blind Draws. (All complaints should be submitted to these individuals…!). Without help to run these tournaments, it would be an impossible job.   But, the bigger story is that it is a fun and educational process, and one which helps justify the consumption of any adult beverages at the end of the day!

All in all, this tournament was a lot of fun and a big success.  Thanks Judith!