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July 2016

2016 FWGA Championship Results to Date

Our annual championship play is almost over.  One more tournament to go at Monarch Bay.  The following are the results to date.  Following the completion, they will participate in match play to determine the winners.  Stay tuned!

>> Pat White - 234
>> Betty McCabe - 237
>> Linda Dobb - 240
>> Terri Malatesta- 249
>> Carol Papke - 252
>> Kelly Tague - 253
>> April Kenyon- 263
>> Liz Riddle - 277
>> Della Gutierrez- 304
>> Alleen Hodgkin - 345

Tournament at Metropolitan Golf Links on July 17, 2016

Fourteen intrepid ForeWomen golfers + one guest braved the gusts of the Metropolitan Golf Links and had a great time celebrating BettyMetro2 McCabe's birthday!



Some claimed they could hear bagpipers on the 18th tee but that was just the wind whistling through sunny skies. 

Especially enjoying the "Lone Ranger" game format were Pat White, Lalani Rapp, and Marilyn Bestion, who won with a score of 145. 






 Second place went to Della Gutierrez, Carol Papke, Tami Waddell, and our guest, Stanford basketball player, Lilli Thompson, who had a score of 151.


Closest to the pin prizes went to April Kenyon (holes 7 & 15) and Marilyn Bestion (hole 12).  Chip-ins were Della Gutierrez (who also had a birdie) and Therese Johnson.  Low gross was April Kenyon at 88 and low net was Liz Riddle at 71!

Some additional info:  the first place winners also had a blind draw. Closest to pins distances (if you want them), #7 was April at 2' 9-1/2"; Pin #12 was Marilyn Bestion at 13'6" and Pin #15 was April at 27'11".

Birdies were Liz at #17; Della at #8

Chip-ins were Theresa  and Della.

Total money collected in Chip-in jar was $22.00.

Thanks to our tournament director, Linda Dobbs for a great day!

Our last home tournament of the season will be on August 20 at Monarch.  Why not sign up and join the fun--the prizes are great, and the camaraderie among our golfers will bring joy to your heart and your game.

See you there!

2016 Tilden Tournament

 tildenteams4tildenteams2tilden7tilden2 Tilden6

Twenty ladies came out to have a fun tournament at Tilden Park on Sunday, June 26, in spite of the heat.  The format was Cha, Cha, Cha. 



The first place Team was: Dee Tuohy, Marie Trexler, Linda Dobb, Therese Johnson          


Second place went to: Liz Riddle,  Pat Brown,  Kelly Tague, Jan Moura


Closest to the Pin went to Alleen Hodgkin (Flight A) and Therese Johnson (Flight B). Dee Tuohy was the only one with a Chip in and there were no reported birdies.

We also played “Lowest Putts” and the winners were:  Pat Brown (Flight A = 32 Putts) and Lalani Rapp (Flight B = 36 Putts).

Low Gross was Liz Riddle who shot a 95; Low Net went to Linda Dobb who shot a 79.

Way to go ladies. . . .Thanks to Tournament Directors Terri Malatesta and Julie Campiotti for a great day!


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