Christmas time Amatuer full nude pic at my perfect weight around 2011

.This is one of the most popular "nude" photos I have. Yes I did get paul to take it because I wanted the attention. Actually I am worried because I posted some nudes some years ago and a lady said she was going to use them for toilet seat covers! agggh MEAN.

Anyway, I was so proud of my weight. My weight has always gone up and down all my life. I think I was about 100 pounds or maybe a bit under so I was probably about 35 maybe if it was 2011. this pic has the most comments of my entire journal. some are mean some are nice!.. but go ahead and comment just don't say toilet seat covers!

OH my god! lane Bryant dude, Un-COOL! I gained the weight from all my psychatrict meds

Nope, i dont know any of these wonderfully large women, i got there photo from photobucket but I imagaine that they have to order their clothes from layne bryant, just like i just ordered a fucking pair of pants from there. While, i havent reached HIPPO size yet, Lanyne bryant for anyone who doesnt know is a store for PLUS SIZE women.  I cant get out and shop and the size 14's that i ordered from target just WERENT BIG ENOUGH, so i thought well i just buy my some size 16! shorts from the layne bryant website... and boy did it do a blow to my non-esxistant self esteem.. I mean man!  I feel like i wanna just keep sleeping on the couch and never moving like ive been doing and make sure i smoke a lot so i wont eat anymore.....

. I aint ranting.. im just sayin.. Ladies if youve been skinny and suddenly circumstances cause you to gain... IT HURTS DOESNT IT!!!! SO thats what im sayin!