2013 Annual - Fun, Friends, and Great Weather!

What a great day!  The 2013 Fore Women Annual Tournament  was a great success.  Nearly 60 members showed up in a festive move to decorate their carts, and put finishing touches on the costumes.

IMG_5076 IMG_5126

Some just relaxed at the bar and had lunch.


We also had a putting contest!

IMG_5155 IMG_5114






Everyone was in a party spririt and ready to golf.  Our SIlent Auction for our Charities was also going and raffle tickets could be purchased.



IMG_5072 WP_20131013_008

We had a shotgun and everyone played.  It was a beautiful day with amazing weather.  The format was a scramble with 3 flights so all the teams had a chance.  We had closest to the pin contests on numerous holes. 

After the golf everyone came in for dinner and more auction and raffle.  

Each year Fore Women Golf Associations gives a number of awards.  This year awards went to

Jen "Piper" Shaull for Member of the Year.


Betty McCabe for Volunteer of the Year


Club Champion Charlene Hastings


Players Champion Pat White


  The winners of the tournament were: FIrst place in the European Tour was the team of Kristina Ramos, Kelly Tague and Jan Moura.


First place in the Americas Tour was the team of Liz Riddle, Sandy Gonzalez, Della Guiterrez, and Merideth Weiland. 


2nd place is Lois Kubota, Meg Walsh, Gail Romero, and Sheri Bowlus.


1st Place in the Asia Pacific Tour was the team of Lisa Cook, Susan Collins, Vivienne, and Chris Negus.


2nd place was Mimi Johnson-Jacobs, Shelly Kopp, Duayna Pucci.


Closest to the Hole

Flight A 

  • Hole 17 Charlene Hasting
  • Hole 3 Kristina Ramos

Flight B

  • Hole 2 Kelly Tague
  • Hole 11 Gail Romero

Flight C

  • Hole 13 Joan McCarthy
  • Hole 7 Anne Helmig

Cart Decorating Contest was won by the team of Wende Wechbacher, Patty Cordoba, Faith Ho, Anne Helmig.










Costume contest was won by the team of Lisa Cook, Susan Collins, Vivienne Sun, and Chris Negus.


To see more pictures go to our Facebook page and see the rest of the pictures. Thanks to Rebecca Zachau  and Della Guiterrez for these great pictures.

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Monterey Weekend 2013

San Juan Oaks - Rally for the Cure
Day one of our annual 3 day away tournament on the Monterey peninsula began with gorgeous weather at San Juan Oaks in Hollister. This is one of those courses that looks like it should be easy, but then it comes back to "bite" you. We tried a slightly different game of Cha-Cha-Cha taking 3 best net balls on the par 3's, 2 best net on the 4's, and 1 best net on the difficult long par 5's. Our winners were;

1st place team: April Kenyon, Kay Middleton, Pat White and Jan Moura

2013 055
2nd place team: Liz Riddle, Me Tin Cheung, Michele Ross and Veronica Pino

2013 053

The closest to the flagstick on 4 holes were:
#6 Kelly Tague 14'8"
#8 Kay Middleton 7'4"
#12 Julie Campioti 12'0"
#16 Me Tin Cheung 7'2"
2013 056

Chip-Ins: Jan Moura and Veronica Pino
2013 052

Birdies were made by: Julie Campiotti (2), Deb Ortega, Michele Ross, Terri Malatesta, Kathy Karste and Liz Riddle

This was also our annual Rally for the Cure tournament. We proudly raised $420 and we had a drawing for two prizes. Pat Tuohy won the ladies' Cleveland fairway wood and he promptly donated it to the upcoming Breast Cancer Benefit Tournament being held at San Ramon Golf Club on 10/8. Betty McCabe won the second drawing for a gift certificate to the San Juan Oaks pro shop.

All the prizes we're announced at the party held in the early evening at the Best Western in Monterey where April Kenyon, the tournament director for Day 2 at Pasadera, gave her famous/infamous explanation of the rules to play golf Bingo.

If it sounds like we had a fantastic time, we did. See you all there next year.

Dee and Kay.

2013 047

Pasadera Country Club

WOW!  Who would have guessed what a beautiful and challenging course this is.   Check out the pictures for hole  #14.  You must hit over the canyon approximately 110 yards (from the red tees) onto a green that is about  25 yards across.  It was a little intimidating. LOL
We had 24 players and the format was BINGO hosted by April Kenyon.  It is not as easy as it sounds, especially on this course.  You needed to score net pars, birdies, or eagles to X out your hole number or ForeWomen icon. 
The first place with a team score of 7 bingos:  Michelle Ross, Kay Middleton, Rita Steele and Sandy Gonzales

2013 065

Second place with a team score of 4 bingos: Julie Campiotti, Kathy Karste, Deb Ortega and Terri Malatesta

2013 064

Hole number 6 was closest to the pin –
Deb Ortega – 7’9”
OOP’s no men made it on the green.   
Hole number 17 was longest drive –
April Kenyon and Pat Tuohy

2013 066

Chip in’s – Kay Middleton
Special thanks to Betty McCabe for helping with registration.
Congratulations to all the winners.   

Del Monte
Just another beautiful day in Paradise…  Even though we were only 12 players on Monday, it was a very competitive result with only 1 point between all three teams.  The format was 2 best low net balls. 
1st place with a team low of 134:  Pat and Dee Tuohy, Gary Smith and Betty McCabe
Low Net @ 75:  Kelly Tague
Low Gross @ 82:  Michelle Ross
Closest to the pin @ 33’2”:  Michelle Ross (we think she was the only one that actually got on the green – LOL)
Special thanks to Rita Steele for help with registration and scoring!
Thank you to all that participated – it was a great day!!


If you have pictures from the weekend please upload them to the FWGA Facebook Album Monterey Weekend.

Be sure to sign up for the Annual

Around the World in 18 Holes!

Last day to RSVP September 30!


ANd the games continue ...

Match play semifinals  for Club Champion and Players Campion are complete, and we're moving into the final rounds.

In the Player championship

Liz Riddle v. Linda Dobbs, Liz took the match on the 20th hole
Pat White v. Della Gutierrez, Pat won 3 and 2

In the Club championship

Charlene Hastings v. Kristina Ramos, Charlene took the match 2 and 1
Piper Shaull v. April Kenyon, Piper won 3 and 1

Champions will be announced at the Annual dinner on Sunday October 13.  Be sure to sign up.


Annual Dinner and Golf Sign Up!

Monarch Bay 18 & 9 hole Tournament

It was a chilly morning for August at Monarch Bay and the sun struggling to break through the rolling fog. 20 hearty players stepped up to the tee box on #1 and off we went with hungry foxes chasing us. The sun did break through and brought us a gorgeous day.
As we rolled into the club house we met with the 9 hole players who had joined with The First Tee of Oakland players and the restaurant was buzzing with excitement! Thank you to Gail, Jen and Dee for assisting with the scoring and Terri Malatesta, Pat White, Me Tin and April for registration and photo's. The format was a two person team Odds and Evens.

1st Place - Jen Shaull & Gail Romero
2nd Place - Jan Moura & Dee Touhy
CTP #4 - Jen Shaull (don't have the distance)
CTP #10 Me Tin (don't have the distance)
Low Gross was Charlene with an 82
Net was Dee T. with a 68
Combined 9 &18 team winners were
1st place team: Alana & Faith (1st tee players), Jen Shaull & Gail Romero - score of 84
2nd place team: Kelly Tague, Cheryl Ramirez, Kathy Kling & Della G - score of 87
AlanaSetiyada AlanSetiyadaandFaithHo

2013 Club Championships - Game On!

At the beginning of the golf season, 25 members started the race for the Club Championships.  After our six summer tournaments we move into the semi final match play playoffs.  Congratulations to our champions!


In the Players Champion (net) field

First place      Della Gutierrez

Second place  Linda Dobbs

Third Place     Liz Riddle

Fourth place     Pat White


Della will play a match against Pat, and Linda will play Liz.  The winner from these matches will play for Players Champion 2013. To see the scores over the season - Players Champion.


In the Club Champion(gross) field

First place     Charlene Hastings

Second place     April Kenyon

Third place     Piper Shaull

Fourth place    Kristina Ramos


Charlene will play Kristina, and April will play Piper, with the winners moving on to the final match. To see the scores over the season  - Club Champion.


Good Luck ladies!

Fore Women Golf's Team Takes First

IMG_0017Yes, that is the Fore Women Golf Team that took first place! 

..."the winners of the Zinfandel/Merlot setup, Fore Women GA, also posted a net score of 117, 27-under-par matching Fresno MAGA GC’s impressive feat. The team of Patrice Dennis, April Kenyon, Kristina Ramos and Jen Shaull joined up to make three net double eagles, six net eagles and six net birdies in a bogey-free effort...."  To read the rest of the article go to NCGA Associate Club Championship Sectional Qualifying I.

The FWGA Team move on to the 31st Annual NCGA Associate Club Championship at Del Monte GC and Spyglass Hill GC on August 26-27.  Wish these ladies luck.


Pictured Jen Shaull, Patrice Dennis & Kristina Ramos, April Kenyon (not pictured)

Mare Island Tournament 2013 - The Legend of the Lone Ranger

On July 13th, FWGA tells the legend of the Lone Ranger.  It started on a cool Saturday morning at Mare Island golf course with 23 sharp shooters looking to fight and win over injustice of the oldest course west of the Mississippi.

In the Lone Ranger format, two scores per hole were added together for the team score. Here's the catch: One of those two scores must be from the Lone Ranger, plus the lowest net score of the other three players on the team. 

The day warmed up and the battle began.  Our first place team shooting silver bullets with a score of 134 was:  Betty McCabe, Alleen Hodgkin, Piper Shaull and Linda Dobb.  The second place team of 138 was:  Tami Waddell, Kay Middleton, Shirley Walker and Sharon Greene.

We had two flights for the following:

Low Gross, A flight:  April Kenyon - 84

Low Gross, B flight:  Denise Qualls - 101

Low Net, A flight:  Kristina Ramos – 70

Low Net, B flight:  Linda Dobb – 71

Closest to the pin on 17:  Flight A – Tami Waddell 8’11”, Flight B – Kay Middleton 9’5”

Birdies:  Liz Riddle-Holes 2 & 10, Piper Shaull-Hole 6

Chip In’s:  Alleen Hodgkin #11, Piper Shaull #6, Shirley Walker #8

Congratulations to everyone and thanks for coming out and playing!

Special thanks to Meridith Wieland and Della Gutierrez for volunteering to help with registration and scoring.  Your federal peace officer was Liz Riddle.

HI-YO, Silver and Away!  Who were those masked women anyway?

Vintner's 9 hole Tournament 2013

It was a beautiful day for golf! We had 29 players and they all brought their "A" game! I've emailed the players asking for pictures and will forward them. Here are the stat's:
Vintner's Golf Course, Yountville CA
June 22, 2013 (Saturday)
For Prize purposes - there were three flights:
flight 1.0 handicap 0.0-29.0
flight 1.1 handicap 29.1-35.0
flight 1.2 handicap 35.1-40.0
Format: low net, three blind mice
The winners for low net, three blind mice were:
flight 1.0, 1st prize Liz Riddle with a score of 20
flight 1.0, 2nd place Patricia Thornburgh with a score of 21
flight 1.0, 3rd place Debbie Wittnben with a score of 22
flight 1.1, 1st prize Chris Negus with a score of 18
flight 1.1, 2nd place Lisa Cook with a score of 20
flight 1.1, 3rd place Junko Nagatani with a score of 20
flight 1.2, 1st prize Judy Cohen with a score of 20
flight 1.2, 2nd place Leta Maco with a score of 23
flight 1.2, 3rd place Wende Weckbacher with a score of 26
Closest to the pin was hole #8 (par 3) Lisa Cook was winner at 33', 9"
Vintner's was a great course to play and the players gathered afterward for lunch on the patio. It was a great turnout of both EGG and 9 hole players. Many thanks to Liz Riddle and Jill Martin- Smith who helped me with organizing and tabulating scorecards afterwards!!

Boundary Oak Tournament 2013 Triple Digit Degree Golf

We had a great turnout for the Boundary Oak Tournament despite the 100+ degree weather. Whack and Hack was the game we played with posting a high/ low score for each team unless there was a Net Birdie – then there were two low scores posted. The winning Team for Flight A was Piper Shaull, Liz Riddle and Della Gutierrez.The Flight B winning team was Rita Steele, Betty McCabe, Shirley Walker and Linda Dobb. Congratulations to those ladies. (many left early due to heat exhaustion!)



Low Gross was Piper Shaull (85) and Low Net was Della Gutierrez (68). We had several birdies, Kristina, Dee, Pat, and Meredith, and chip ins as well. Closest to the Pin was Kristina Ramos. There was also a side bet of One Putt/No Putt which was a contribution to our charity STAND. The winners of this portion of the tournament all received a Cookie Bouquet made by our Tournament Director, Liz Riddle.

I wish to express special thanks to the FWGA members who supported STAND at our Boundary Oaks tournament. We had an amazing amount of donations -  STAND is receiving $485 in gift certificates, $335 in cash and other miscellaneous household items which were donated.  Awesome Ladies!

Thanks to all the volunteers and the ladies who made it through the day.